Thursday, Dec. 18

Finally! D.C. Rejoices

The Black-and-Red have been waiting for what seems like forever, and now a stadium is actually real even if they can't yet touch it. Plus, Re-Entry redux, Cubo and a word on the rest of 2014.

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Strikers and Stadiums

Another draft is in the books as Re-Entry Stage 2 came and went on Thursday. Find out who was picked and what it all means in the grand scheme of the MLS offseason. Erick Torres wasn't eligible for the Dispersal Draft (all hail MLS roster mechanisms), but it seems his future is close to being resolved. Where will he go? Will it be MLS? Will Jermain Defoe join him on North American shores? Plus, what does ETR have in the works for the rest of December?

Finally is an understatement. The vote is done, and it's unanimous. D.C. United are getting a stadium in the District. General managing partner and co-owner Jason Levien joins Andrew and David to describe the process, what it was like to be the point man on such a high-stakes project and what comes next. Stadium design? Timeline? You'll want to tune in for that.

In the mailbag, the guys run over Simon's New Year's resolutions sans Mr. Borg, talk Las Vegas expansion and debate East and West Coast merits.

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ExtraTime Radio Book Club:

If you thought you knew everything there was to know about the 2014 World Cup, think again. Author James Montague dug up the stories you likely never heard about in the lead-up to Brazil 2014 in "Thirty-One Nil." We spoke to Montague about his adventures around the world and if you haven't yet ordered the book, you'll likely be tempted to after listening to our special Book Club edition.

Meanwhile, get started on the book club's next selection: The Numbers Game by Chris Anderson and David Sally (see left).

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